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What To Do If Your Wedding Dress Doesn’t Fits You? Amazing Tip for Brides

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Fining a dreamy wedding dress is greater desire of a bride. Looking for a perfect wedding dress is an adventure never flash from your memories. There are some rule must be follow while buying a wedding dress but unfortunately we miss few of them.

Mostly bride focus over the design and embellishment of the wedding dress and put less focus over it length, fitting and enclosure details. After bring in home you hang it in closet and forget to try it comfortably or let it for another day. It’s bigger blender. Today is your wedding day. A day when all dream comes true. Now it times to get ready for exchanging romantic wedding vows. Oh no! Your wedding dress doesn’t fit you. It’s shocking situation.

No one have any idea what to do to solve the matter as there is no time at all. Whatever the reason behind the miss-fitting of your wedding dress forgets it and just focus to find out the solution. Here we here we have some solution for you might work in your situation:

Go for alternative:

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First cool down and relaxed your mind. It’s necessary to cover up the situation otherwise the matter goes out. Observe the situation. Is it possible to go for another alternative? Means there is some time in your wedding ceremony and get easy access to any bridal store to find other wedding dress quickly. It’s possible in certain situation as it impossible to meet bridal boutique near wedding locations especially when you come for countryside, farm and beach weddings.

Last–minute alteration:

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It’s blessing of God if someone there who actually know swing and quickly do some alteration. It also depends upon the situation as she adjust minor problem but not major. Sometime you find out the person who do this but can’t able to find related accessories such as needles, sewing machines etc.  Anyhow there is other solution for last time alternation quickly done by the bride or her bridesmaids.

If wedding dress is too long:


Difference in gown length may occur if you wear high heel while trying the dress and pick up low or flat heel shoes for wedding day. When you dress up wedding gown and feel it too longer come under the feel while walking than find quick solutions. First check the heels.  Try extra high heel shoe to get normal gown length but you have to stay on heel all the time while stepping down the wedding aisle or dancing on the floor.  Wearing heel does not work all the time especially in beach or boho theme wedding. Use duct tape and make alteration on hem as it look nice.
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If you wedding dress are too big:


Sometime bride check the gown length but do not pay attention of it waist. Too big waist and bodice is not an impressive thing.  Just take safety pin and pin up dress tightly from inside after pulling up hem from side near the armpit. It’s amazingly works and do not leave any impact which come in notice.

Is wedding dress is too short:


Don’t worry If you dress is short in length as now short dress become fashion trend.  Modern bride now go for non-traditional wedding dress.  Short length gown is true blessing bring ease in walking and dancing  but you feel it’s  not good for you then change you heel with flat dancing shoe to bring down the gown train. Each bride add heel for walk down the aisle and flat ballet fro dance floor.

 If wedding gown is too tight:


Fitting is major problem. If you find your dress in too tight from back and can’t able to zip up than you are in big trouble. Ass back is a major reason of this problem. Simply stands straight and move skin back and closes the zip. It best if dress is slightly tight but there is a chance of zip opening if it’s too tight. Take needle, thread and find the matching stuff used to solve the problem. Fabric and tape hold both part of the gown tight and let the gown fixed in place.

If dress is loose in fitting:

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Mostly designer design wedding gown with built in bra which crate foundation to adjust the gown according to body type, but in some situation this formula can’t work well. You have to find suitable under garments such as lingerie and corset which hold the gown in place. It best solution doe sweetheart and of-the-shoulder wedding gowns.
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