Wedding Dresses

Winter Wedding Fur Faux Shawl, Shrug Bolero Jacket Design


Timeless classic look glamorous beauty inspired winter fur faux shawl today here we bring for your big day. Real fur easy to style bridal shoulder wrap add warmth feelings. On bridal white dressing different color fur shrug are in long length or short bolero jacket form. Fluffy look cozy feel fur shawl give prince beauty to bridal when wear with necklace and earring. Get images from below!

Winter Wedding Fur Faux Stole:


In white color dressing of bridal faux fur shoulder wrap stole is give pretty as well as warmth expression. Forma palest adorn the bridal that band with silk white ribbon in bow style from neck front area. For Strapless flare gown fur lining stole make perfect selection. Love this pretty installation in bridal look that will keep relax. Necklace jewelry and earring also look clear under winter fur piece.

Collared Neckline Button Down Fur Shawl:


Ivory color collared neckline fur faux wrap the bridal on shoulder. Button down elbow sleeve length shawl is look so nice on sequin double layer gown. Cozy and fluffy feelings will develop and bridal can enjoy her big day in happy mood. Fur shawl cover the bodice area from front back. Two buttons install that handle the fur and don’t slip it.

Cap Sleeve Fur Faux:


Camel color fur faux cape adorns the bridal with sweetheart gown. White color gown and fur shoulder cape explore sexy look of bridal. The winter cape make tight on shoulder with inside button. Soft touch feel on the body when bridal get the fur in cold weather. Bridal in this image wear white and green flower crown and hold bouquet for love once.

Bridal Fur Faux Stole:


With floral lace floor length gown bridal select cream color fur faux stole. She wears from back to front on shoulder that covers the back above from waist. End of stole hang on bodice in open style. Winter fur stole has as widths as bridal elbow are covered in it. Under the above image style stole bridal feel relax and if want can change the direction. Not extra need of material to tight the stole.

Dark Brown Fur Faux Bolero Jacket:


Vintage style dark brown color cozy feel bolero jacket get the bridal on her winter wedding. Fur faux love jacket with white color strapless back drop lacy dress pass elegant expression. Fascinate charm beauty of bridal show under bolero style jacket dress. In this style bridal get clear image of necklace if she wear with earring. Flower bouquet also gets same coloration that see in winter fur.

Fluffy Feel Fur Shrug:


Cream color Fur faux shawl look interesting on bridal mermaid gown. Shawl divide into two parts with amazing center line. With cream color shoulder shawl bridal also enjoy veil that has back length. Fluffy fur shawl come above elbow but give deep warmth feelings. Maroon flower bouquet make focal image in bridal white dressing and snow surrounding.

Long Length Fur Shrug:


Dusty color fur shrug has long length. Reasonable width of shrug covers the back and front body parts. Bridal hangs the fur shawl in her neck from back to front motion and cover from elbow. Up-do hair style can easily get the bridal with statement earring. White lace dress makes cute contras with dusty fur faux shawl.