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Cobalt Blue Royal Wedding Shoes Ideas


For royal wedding cobalt blue wedding shoes are proffered. Bright hue comes in bridal whole appearance after wear blue shoes with white gown. Variety of cobalt blue wedding shoes here we collect that best for indoor, outdoor or beach wedding. In our blue wedding shoes collection you will enjoy ballet flat, Dorsey style, high heel, ankle zipper, wedge heel shoes.

Let’s go and choose the best one pair of cobalt blue shoe for your big day!

Cobalt Blue Bridal Ballet Shoes:

2 stunning cobalt blue wedding shoes (1)

Cobalt blue jersey knit ballet flat is embellished with ivory lace and perfect for bridal cute look. Flat shoes match the bridal with her white wedding gown. You feel easy in flat shoes after wear floor length tulle gown. Thick sole is craft in cobalt blue shoes that keep safe from any injury if you planned a hall or indoor wedding.

Dorsey Style Cobalt Blue Shoes:

3 stunning cobalt blue wedding shoes (15)

Get for your wedding day cobalt blue Dorsey style blue shoes. Pointy high heel shoes create focal image in your legs with short wedding gown. Suede leather soft feel bridal shoes look dark in white gown. Ankle of heel shoes trim with Chantilly lace that match with wedding dress.

Crystal Embellished High Heel Shoes:

4 stunning cobalt blue wedding shoes (7)

Royal beauty can attain on wedding day with peep toe high heel shoes. Cobalt blue wedding shoes are decorated with silver beads flower from ankle. Enjoy luxury style footwear that brings dark hue in your feet. Lovely contras make the dark blue with white with that queen beauty of bridal become.

Wedge Heel Bridal Shoes:

5 stunning cobalt blue wedding shoes (9)

Perfect balance can attain in cobalt blue wedge heel shoes. For bridal that not experience of high heel shoes select wedge heel shoes. Flat form wedge heel shoes are embellished from ankle with floral lace. White color lace is selected to trim the bridal cobalt blue shoes. Basically blue color becomes prominent in white gown so it’s wonderful idea to wear with it.

Ankle Zipper Style Bridal Shoes:

6 stunning cobalt blue wedding shoes (12)

Blue color psychology features give royal and rich beauty so bridal should wear on her big day. Peep toe faux leather shoes feel relax and comfortable on wedding day. Black zip stitch in ankle of shoes to easy wear. Best height of bridal become in flat wedge heel cobalt blue shoes. Faux but blue shoes are affordable and easily able for every bridal.

Cobalt Blue Glitter Shoes:

7 stunning cobalt blue wedding shoes (14)

Pointy high heel glitter shoes bring sparkle on our wedding day. Glittery shoes create shimmering expression when you wear in night wedding. Select glittery blue heel shoes to wear on big day and to impress other. Luxe beauty appeals the glittery shoes with fair feet of bridal. You can wear cobalt blue glittery shoes with royal blue, white, mauve green and black wedding gown.

Bow Style Cobalt Blue Flat Shoes:

8 stunning cobalt blue wedding shoes (2)

Cobalt blue flat simple style shoes are feel fit for royal wedding. Flat ballet shoes have front bow style made of satin. Highly comfortable blue shoes you can pair with white tulle gown. Thick sole of ballet shoes maintain balance even on muddy place. Other will impress and appreciate you when see you in white gown and blue shoes on your wedding day.
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