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Top Wedding Hat Types and Guiding To Choose Perfect Hat for Bride


Hat is lovely piece for the brides who do not want to walk down the aisle wearing a veil or stylish fascinators. It defines bride personality and pop in royal accents that influence overall bride look. Wearing a hat is quite interesting yet whimsical task as you have to stay careful while selecting and wearing hat. There are some etiquette must be followed while removing and doffing them throughout the wedding. Are you interested to get vintage inspired royal presence then follow us here we unleash most appealing wedding hat designs for gorgeous brides.

Percher hat:


Percher hat or half hat is versatile hat convey classical look. It smaller size hat place in dramatic angle, just above right eyebrow, as it cover half of the head. Try this insanely romantic marabou feather and crystal brooch crafted Percher hat spectacularly matches with lace and tulle ball gown and cubby pearl necklace to insert feather accent.

Pillbox hat:


Hat is statement element so pick an elegant hat that should compliment you entire style. It must matches with dress you are going to dress-up on wedding day.  Means classical hat look so beautiful with trumps, ball and sheath gown yet mermaid gown look fabulous with modern wider brim hat. Pillbox hat is another hat richly worn by classical inspire bride. It smaller hat shaped with flatter crown and upright side in straight foam. It lovely hat mostly wears with birdcage veils.

Cocktail hat:


Cocktail hats are splendid compliment give effortlessly chic charm to trendy brides. It extravagant hat in smaller size especially designs for ladies that wear with party outfits. It best substitutes of floppy or wider brim hats.

Cloche hat:


Cloche and Gatsby is bell shaped hat fitted to head and designs with simple fabric is also adorable choice for vintage bride. Such hats are elegant choice for Boho, hippie and vintage inspired rustic wedding bride. Look at above Swarovski crystals and floral embellished lace fabric cloche hat that make you quite romantic.

Derby hat:


Derby or bowler hat captivate femininity charm of the bride. It’s a bob hat crafted with felt material. These hats have rounded crow that make it more attractive.  It also known as bombin hat introduced in 1849.

Top hat/beaver hat:


Theses hat gain popularity during 10th and earlier 20th century. This hat recognized with different name such as silk hat, cylinder hat, high hat, beaver hat, top hat and chimney pot hat. It also named as topper hat, flat yet taller crown and broader brim are visible features of these hats. You can wear it with birdcage or fingertip veils or set in dramatic placeman to look gorgeous.

Floppy hats:


Wider brim floppy hat become statement fashion. It also knows as sunhat in common languages. Curvier and extremely larger brim raise it beauty. Different designers offer endless styles of floppy hat. Trendy brides love to wear wide-brim hat or their wedding of shower day celebration.

Other hats:


Boonies, fedora, riding hat, Russian fur hat and culture inspired hats are eye-catching hat define statement bride appearance, these opulent hats are vary in style, color and material consumption. Choose perfect hat according to you face shape, dress, style and wedding theme.
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