Wedding Hairdo

Our 8 Favorite Short Wedding Hair Styles

On wedding day bridal want new look with her short hair. Pretty simple hairstyles on short hair are free from unnecessary excesses.  Short hair says you wonderful welcome with your stately short hair. With your short hair you can enjoy following hair style like French braid, layer cut, bob cut, side swept, up-do hair style, curly hair style and so on. Scroll down the page and inspire with beauty look short hair.

French Braid Hair Style:


Bridal on her wedding day can enjoy short hair style that keeps them fresh and energetic. In above image women with her diy hair make French braid. Side swept hair with feather cut give cute touch to the face. You will need bob pin for make end with French braid. Under short hair bridal necklace and dress neckline will make clear image.

Bob Cut Hair Style:


Bob cut hair style suit on round face shape. With this hair style you can quickly move the hair in any direction. Side swept hair make the bridal that comes back with pearl embellished hair catch. How wonderfully she enjoy pearl earring with white off the shoulder dressing. Under bob hair cut back lace neckline will clearly show.

Curly Hair Style:


Slightly curl in diy hair gives soft touch. With side swept curly hair you need no any type of hair jewelry. Under short curly hair bridal long earring are shows on her oval face shape beauty. Orange color lipstick gives warmth feelings with cap sleeve lace dress.

Side Swept Hair Style:


If you have shoulder length soft silky hair follow the above image define hair style. Curly end of hair loose down on the shoulder with side swept style. Keep one side of back of ear and other on forehead. Wear the hair jewelry in golden color that gives rich impression. Bridal is wearing the lacy cap sleeve deep v-neck gown with short hair.

Diy Curly Hair with Flower:


Diy hair always gives sleek beauty of bridal with white color dressing. Peach color flower wear the bridal with her diy hair that give best contras. Bridal wear the one shoulder strapless dressing that gives him sexy charm beauty. Bob pin more help you in wearing the flower. No matter either you are wearing the fresh and fabric flower.

Short Hair with Spaghetti Strap Dressing:


Curly Blond hair with side swept enjoys the bridal on her wedding day. She wear the silk flower on ear that spark in natural light. Tiny ball with light chain show amazing look with matching earring. Gold jewelry under white hair shows the bridal queen beauty. You can easily wear the veil with flower short hair.

Short Hair & Bird Cage Veil:

Bird cage veil is the perfect accessory with short hair. Veil is definitely accurate for bridal special day. No standard size is specifying for this type of veil. Bridal wears the veil with silk flower on top of head. Pearl necklace with strapless dressing develop the rich beauty of bridal. She also enjoy off-white fresh flower Bucky with all other fashion accessory.

Up Do Hair Style:


In above image bridal has shot length hair. Up-do half style with half hair gives clear forehead look. Curly hair is always give special appearance with every type of dressing. Make curl on short hair get short time and you are free from any type of hair accessory.