Wedding Hairdo

Summer Wedding Bridal Bun Hair Style

On her big day every bridal wants unique and impressive look beauty. New and creative change just can get with right selection of hair style. Bun hair style bring unique and prince look beauty. In this summer you feel cool and calm with back bun hair style. Bun hair style looks not only in one style number of creativity founded in these hair styles. Like you can enjoy bun hair style with side braid, fish tail, braid wreath and decorate with flower and jewel. Take ideas from below images!

Romantic Wedding Hair Style:


Romantic charm beauty on bridal special day gives lovely movement. Her white lace dress with matching hair style is making best contras. Diy hair make over with bee bridal styling. Fair beauty of bridal is glow with colorful flower Bucky and lipstick.

Top Bun Flower Hair Style:


As the name suggested pretty bun bring rosebud inspiration. Up-do hair style gives quite attractive with addition of fresh flowers. The above one image define hair style give perfect wedding glance. This summer as hot back bottom braid with top bun hair style keep you cool and calm. You can get the matching dress flower color to enjoy the bun hair style.

Side Braid Bun Hair Style:


Every bridal want unique and creative look on her wedding day. Side braid with back bun hair style decorated with silver flower bronchus. Front braid gives new expression on your face beauty. Your silky soft hair style will give final look with silver hair jewelry.

Low Top Bun Hair Style:


Low top bun hair style brings lovely touch on your back. It’s so easy way to spruce up the bridal hair with loose curl. Low top bun hair style is Suitable on every bridal face with front medium length. Tiny flower bronchi’s with cherry like touch give interesting appearance.

Bun Wraps Hair Style:


Top bun wrap hair style give great ideas this summer on your wedding day. Your long hair style with two color presentation gets huge attention of others. Silver hair jewelry with pearl decoration gives final look to bun hair style.

Awesome Back Bun Hair Style:


Fish tail with back bun hair style give elegant look beauty. Bridal on her wedding day with long black color hair can enjoy the fish tail back bun. Perfect hairstyle helps you to keep the veil on hair crown. Hair ornaments is an optional choice that depend on your mood.

Braid Wraps Top Knot Hair Style:


Under top bun hair style bridal can clearly show the neck design of her dressing. Best hair style gives memorable photo shoot. Easy and interesting bun hair style will give your prince beauty. On your square form face shape top braid bun bring extra charm look beauty.

Classical Low Bun Hair Style:


Sweet low bun hair style makes great styling with you thin hair. Classical look is show under most popular bun hair style for wedding day. Bridal low bun hair style always remains first choice on the big day. Simple but great styling will emerge on your face beauty wit low bun hair style.