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Add Sense of Humor with ‘Last Chance to Run’ Wedding Sign


‘Last chance to run’ sign just added to create levity fill Amusement ceremony to your guest. Most considered that wedding is huge responsibility or a certificate which bane on you freedom. That why last chance to run is a fun filled advice for groom to turn back.  Don’t take is serious it just joke wedding is happiest moment really have a power to change your life style but it don’t mean you refused to married.  Last chance to run sign is a little joke done with groom from his bachelor friends.

Just take it in harmony sense:


Ring bearer is the most recommended personality to done this trick as he the only men form groom side who can do this.  There are different sign move on the aisle when bride is just going to step in the wedding spot. Ring bearer who come with Last chance to run’ wedding sign comes smile or huge laughter at faces also alter them that bride has come.  Expression play greater role to add reality. Naughty and joyful face expression which really tend him to feel run is interesting idea to shock guest.

Sign board must larger in size:


Last chance to run is interesting sig for all wedding which has more attraction then other signs.  Wedding last chance to run sign board are easily available at different website such as Amazon, Esty and E.bay. Pick any signboard but choose larger board approximately 10”X12” in size. It visually looks attractive and also allows other benefits discuss below.

Bigger letter to make it possible to see:


Do you want calligraphic or hand written ‘last chance to run’ signboard is totally depend over you mode and personality.  Pick signboard on which wedding sign clearly written in with color and in bigger font size.  Larger font size provides ease in reading and also makes it possible to read from huge difference.

Stuff would be light to carry:


Either you bought it or made with diy projects last chance to run sine board must be lighter in weight as it holds by the ring bearer and he is not able to pick heavier one. Wooden and fabric signboard are best option as both as lighter in weight. Wood sign board design with ribbon and robe handle which allow ring bearer to wear it in his neck and grip froside while banner style wedding sign crafted with wooden rods having knobs at the end for handling.

Sign board hold by one or two:


Wedding last chance to run gives surety to get laugh and hundreds of smile when ring bearer carrying it downs the aisle. There are different possibilities of carrying wedding sign. Just a ring bearing hold the wedding sign or accompanied with other ring bearer or flower girls. Here both ring bearer and flower girls hold the single wedding sign. Anyhow both kid walk down the wedding aisle carrying own stuff.

Twins ring bearer, brother and sister are two brothers are preferable pairs. Look these cute ring bearers walk on the aisle to warn Uncle Danny.

Sign board and ring bearer outfits must match with wedding theme:


Sing board and ring bearer costume must be matched with wedding theme. Wooden or vintage style wedding sign boards are perfect for rustic and traditional wedding. Select the bearing outfits according to the wedding.  Here both ring bearers wear white polo shirt white tan color short just according the wedding theme.

9-cute-ring-bearer-last-chance-to-run-sign-for-wedding-4 cute-ring-bearer-last-chance-to-run-sign-for-wedding-2