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Ask Your Pet to Come In Fresh Flower Wearable in Your Wedding

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Once you decided to invite you pet in your wedding, you have to focus over entire preparation to make him/her more special. It’s special moment for beloved pet as he going to become honorable guest of your wedding. You can appoint your pet as maid of honor, flower girls or groomsman to celebrate big day with a twist.  What plan you make for your pet to let him feel special?

There are endless ideas about pet going to attend wedding yet fresh flower wearable have no substitute. It lovely way to show you have world most beautiful pet. Here we bring stunning ideas of fresh flower wearable for you lovely pet.

Pet Dog in Spring Flower Crown:

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Dog are common pet as every second person have it. It loyal and affectionate companion always stay behind you. How is it possible that you forget to send invitation to your dearest pet? Aker you pet to come in your wedding as its pleasure for you and you matte. Give unique look to pet dog by adoring him with fresh flower crown. It best solution other they wearing full costume that look quite whimsical.

Fresh Flower Collar for Four-Leg Friend:

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Pick up something unique and interesting while choosing adorable accessories for dog invited in your wedding.  Collar and leases are essential details must have during the wedding as it let attendant to hold it to remove any disturbances.  Bow tie or fancy color and lashes introduced in market but it has now charm in front of fresh flower decorative leashes and color. Look these rustic inspired fresh flower and lushy detailed collars give cutest appeals to pet of the day.

Cute Cat Flower Crown:

Cat is lovely creation make best pet. Pet cats are quite socializing the dog. They enjoy crowded sights especially wedding celebration. So call them to invite your wedding without any consideration. Cat feels like a queen or king after wearing an opulent crown. Crown is adorable accessory look so beautiful if you prefer fresh flowers to create it.
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Look at this cute furry cat grabs guest attention invited in wedding. I’m sure no one refused to watch her again and aging. Blue daisy flower crown perfectly matches with her coat color.

Litter Creature in Flower Crown:

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Bunnies are mini creature assume lovely pet. You can enjoy good time by watching their funny acts. Rabbit are peaceful pet o not disturbs anyone you bring them in your wedding. These are also good for such guest allergic from dogs and carts.

Tint flower crown is the most appealing solution to adorn your pet. Such crown works best in rustic and countryside wedding. Flower crown represent princes of the state where it crawl and graze. Pick up the greenery to make effortless and cost effective crown.
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Baby breath ate amazing flower to create pet bunny crown as it lighter in weight do not irritate him during any moment.

Pet Horse in Fresh Flower Garland:

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Four-leg ring bearer is amazing ideas for farm and countryside wedding. Bride and groom can enjoy it riding also watch out entire wedding venue without waiting too much time. Horse considered essential animal in farm areas. So invite you faithful friend in your wedding but don’t forget to create lovely garland for him. Flower and green leave embellished garlands captivate his charm.

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Fresh Flower Crown for Pet Donkey:

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Donkey is an innocent pet do not demand much. He looks cutest pet of the day if you adorn him with fresh flower decorative crown.

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