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Brilliant Green Wedding Shades and Decoration Ideas

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Green a color of renewal positively associates with freshness, growth and fertility. Summer and spring is perfect season for green theme wedding celebration. Go for green wedding theme if you really interested to pops in romance, nature and ethereal charm.  As we first explain green is a color of renewal, wishes you best of luck for you upcoming like as wedding is an initial step toward a new life.

Green is flashy, and zingy hues considered complement shade while planning outdoor wedding in spring and summer days.  Different shades of green ingeniously involve in wedding planning create wonderful surrounding with different color combinations.

Shades of green:

Emerald, sage, olive, mint, gray jade, lime green, moss, chartreuse and Seaform green are different shades of green richly involve in green theme wedding celebration.

Emerald green:

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Emerald green is darker shade of green quickly come in mind when we talk about green wedding. Emerald green wedding theme wedding becomes exclusive wedding dress perfectly matches with background greenery. Emerald stones jewelry, forestry details, darker color outfits each and every thing create breathtaking glance.

Sage green wedding:

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Grayish-green has greater resemblance with dry sage leaf is known as sage green. This color now becomes popular color theme of green wedding. This brilliant color palette gives unique look to bridesmaid. You can involve sage with different combinations like darker green, purple, pink, lavender, orange and pastel colors. It soft and delicate tome give lovely appeal to wedding cake, centerpieces and event arches.

Olive green wedding:


Olive green is another dreamy wedding shade of green fabulous incorporated in rustic and nature inspired wedding decoration. It is iconic color give you a chance to celebrate you big-day in unusual way as it unleash endless possibilities of adoring wedding centerpieces, cake, wedding welcomes and backdrops.

Seaform green wedding:

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Seaform green is fresh and airy color create cool and decent wedding surrounding. It nautical inspired color richly involve in rustic, beach and countryside wedding celebration.

Lime green wedding:

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Either you celebrated cirrus, fruit and color theme spring and summer wedding lime green is opulent platted never disappoints you. It’s refreshing and eye-catching color resemblance with lime citrus.   It makes wow-worthy combination with plum, turquoise, peach, pink, yellow, grey and blue.

Chartreuse green wedding:

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Half greenish and half yellow the half way between both hues is known as chartreuse. I’s living color give dreamy look with both brighter and decent color. Chartreuse amazingly indulge neon accent. You can combine this lovely green shade with purple, grey, pink and whites.

Moss green wedding:

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Moss green is magnetic hue of green wedding let you able to celebrate Disney and woodland inspired wedding. Moss green is darker shade of green named due to greater resemblance with moss. Earthy shaded moss closer to live color as both as same family. You can involve this color for rustic, bohemian and nature inspired wedding celebrations.

Dreamy green wedding decoration ideas:


After recognizing the main shade of green know come to green wedding decoration ideas. Here we bring different ideas helpful in making you day celebration special and unforgettable.

Lushy bridal bouquet:

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Green leaf and vine are incredible substitute of flower wedding.  Noon-traditional and non-floral wedding bouquet gives enthreal appeal to gorgeous bride.

Moss coated table number:

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Mossy coated table number really draws guest attention looking for required seat number. Oversize number brilliantly covered with greenery material to create statement wedding centerpiece as well as listing table arrangements.

Green wedding cake:

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Cockscombs inspired cascading ruffle decorative green and white wedding cake is delightful compliment of emerald green theme wedding. White creamy topping highlight green embellishment.

Lovely napkin ring holder:

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Lushy details splendidly define tablescapes accurately. Look this elegant napkin ring fabulously adorn with green leaf. It’s interesting through to give unique touch to guest   dinner plate placement.

Green wedding ring bearer pillow:

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Ring pillow or holder is essential element of the wedding let you hold wedding ring beautiful. It makes wedding ring exchange ceremony unforgettable.  Yarn pom-pom or moss filled ring holder is amazing ideas for green theme wedding celebration.
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Green chair back decoration:

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While decorating sweetheart table you have to focus over chair back decoration as well as table. It’s special table for the couple to take some rest and eating something.  Olive green silk satin wider ribbon gorgeously drape over the golden char back with bow knot details.

Greenery inspired Wedding arch:

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