Wedding Ideas

Creative Ideas of Serving Cocktail Glass to Guest


Its not only special time guest loves it wedding cocktail glass. How to choose the sweet and tasty drink for your kind loving guest a difficult task, but you can take ideas from below. Here we collect fresh, easy and budget drink that you can serve in best mood to your guest. When you serve the drink in perfect way it become special and people like it. Look below!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Tomato Soup:


How you can make pair of cocktail with tasty wood learn from above image. You can easily serve light and comfort grilled cheese and tomato soup on cocktail party. For a crowd pleasure it will be great pairing that like so much the others. When you serve in a chic way they will appreciate your arrangement. Bright and light color combination emerged in this party food serving.

Champagne with Rock Candy:


Simple but great look appear the wedding cocktail glass. Beer fills in glass and then decorates with off-white color rock candy straw. Golden and white blush beauty of champagne glass inspired guest to drink.

Sweet Blackberries Fall Cock-Tail:


There nothing special as champagne when combine with sweet blackberries. Bubbly becomes special on wedding when you serve in flute glass. Green color leaves are dip in drink that make black, red and green color combination.

Lavender & Lilac:


For purple wedding party lavender & lilac will be great idea. Golden color rock candy make lovely and get wide attraction of others. Signature drink for the wedding you can serve in vintage style tray.

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail:


Whimsical and elegant look give the cotton candy champagne cocktail. In this wedding cocktail glass one cotton candy and one beer wine ingredient are used. These champion glasses are so excited when you serve your guest. Cotton candy is great idea to add some sweetness in the champagne.

Root Beer & Vanilla Vodka:


In wedding party fill champagne glass half with root beer and add some vanilla vodka. After then add two to three scoop of vanilla ice cream that mix beer taste with it. Black and golden blush color gives the cocktail glass.

Blackberries & Champagne:


For a black theme wedding black berries in champagne drink glass make lovely contras. Slip one to two berries in each glass and serve in a round tray. Hot feelings will create when you follow the drink serving idea.

Pastel Light Blue Wedding Cocktail:


This one blue drink select from old English rhyme. In thin strip blackberry fill and dip in wedding cocktail glass. White lily flower decorate in drink plate that add some sweetness. You can make it theme to your wedding ceremony.

Martini Tree For Wedding:


Waooooo it’s amazing for wedding cocktail. Black color martini three made of metal in which three different taste of champagne glass are listed. In white drink green leaves are slip, red juice look sweet with blackberry and top one orange also give taste of strawberry. Wedding guest can get their require taste.

Signature Wedding Cocktail Glass:


You can best define the signature wedding with this cocktail glass. Boundary of champagne glass is trimming with sweet dish and strawberry.  Brown and white color straws are slip in pink drink. On each glass outside unique signature is written.
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