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Genius Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Backdrop


Basically back drop are constructed in wedding ceremony for bride and groom main focal point. Unique backdrop ideas impress your guest that after when suddenly look say Waoooo. Natural scene is appealing the backdrop for perfect photographs. Fresh and attractive back scene as attract the people bride and groom come in eyes of guest. Here we assemble flower arch, rustic drapers, tulle fabric, old door, pink flower hanging backdrop for your outdoor wedding.

Now Let’s go and enjoy with below pictures!

Stunning blush pink & green backdrop:


Simple but stunning wedding backdrop saves your budget and easy to make. Metal frame stand on floor with center hanging blush pink hue tulle drapers. Touch of green in wedding backdrop inspire with natural charm beauty. Green leaves branches at short distance display front of drapers top. For night wedding tulle draper’s backdrop will be perfect. When you add lighting at back of drapers it gives blooming look.

Jungle wedding gorgeous backdrop:


For jungle wedding in summer tree backdrop may be fun idea. Two big size and same distance tree are selected. Two White color drapers are show at high length and their end band with flower garland. White color looks prominent in brown floor of the jungle. Wedding aisle also draw with lantern. In green environment and natural light you can get perfect photography.

Floral wreathe backdrop:


For outdoor dream wedding floral wreathe backdrop is top listed. Rather than surrounding main focus in ground will be big size wreath. Front decorates with different size lantern. For environmental conscious couple fresh flower and green leaves backdrop full fill their demand. Rally amazing backdrop give unique appearance and can impress others people.

Hanging flower wedding backdrop:


For an outdoor wedding hanging flower backdrop create a lovely backdrop scene for photographs. Simply pink and white color flower are filling in thin thread and then hand in equal position with tree branch. It’s really unique and amazing idea that can attract people. Budget idea like everyone and appreciate your brilliant mind thinking.

Old door & flower wedding backdrop:


In garden place where flower vain grow you can arrange wedding backdrop. Get an old door stand it tightly on floor and flower vain display on it. On both side of door you should place big size flower vase. I hope you see this one wedding backdrop first time and like so much. Rustic wedding scene creates at backdrop due to big size natural wood door.

Jute draping:


On big size tree rustic jute drapers are hanging with short distance. Strings light pass over the stage where bride and groom are stand. In an open environment fresh air and natural light full fill the dream wedding requirements. Elegant wedding backdrop add both vintage and rustic wedding look. Simple but cheap idea you can easily get on your wedding day.

Rustic boho wedding backdrop:


Beautiful wedding ceremony enjoy with rustic boho backdrop. Big size dark color board has front candlelit banquet reception that fills with inspired detail. Diy idea is craft with empty wood boxes that are place on each other. Bra vase are used for lower glam while inside the boxes white color candles are listed. Green and white color contras attract others.
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