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Incredibly Romantic Agate Table Number Ideas for Wedding


Agate is a lovely colorful patterned translucent gemstone also featured with elegant banding. It’s craziest element to bring luxe accent to make you big-day decoration very special. Agate is interesting thing amazingly incorporates in wedding decoration in different way yet Agate table numbering is top of the list. It become top wedding trend from last few years and has greater possibility to touches the peek in upcoming year.

It’s versatile and eye-catching accessory to inspire your guests. Such table numbers not only mention table number but also add breathtaking charm to highlight guest table decoration. It precious stone assume drop-dead gorgeous details for rustic, bohemian and nautical theme wedding. Here we bring fabulous Agate wedding table number ideas create wow-factor.

Swiveled agate slices table number:


Agate and geodes assume lovely things for wedding decoration. Unique pattern of agate slices touches hearts which their zingy hues surprised anyone. Soft and brighter color agate is splendid choice to show-off the table number. Look at this washed color agate slice with golden table number. Agate stone and fresh flower are dramatic combination and candle pop romantic vibe to make it more attractive. Hack this summer rustic inspired wedding ideas to collect countless praises.

Water color agate table number:


Look this Boho theme wedding table allure with burgundy flower decorative centerpieces, candelabra, mercury votive and crystal clear glass hurricanes. Rectangular wood crafted table covered with modern tablescapes. Blue color washed agate slice fabulously put along golden votive to represent table number according to escort chart arrangements.

Agate and metal stand table number:


Blue agate slice with table number 4 prints set over black metal stand as everyone clearly read table number from distance. Agate slice table number is timeless and fun making ideas for all weddings.  Flower decorative terrarium mercury crystal glass hurricane and golden candle stick holder are romantic element artistically arranged to fascinate guest table.

Geometrical shaped agate table number:


You can take circular, novelty and geometrical shaped cut agate sliced to mention guest table number. Its unique shapes and colorful pattern automatically draw attention so feel free while selecting agate table number as it does not need further allurement to for statement look. Here gemstone inspired rustic wedding guest table fascinated with lace table cloths, flower decorative vases ad agate table number.

Rustic wedding agate table number:


Bohemia theme rustic wedding circular guest table arranged in open air provide romantic seating space to honorable guest. All guests enjoy sunset scene.  White table cloth, stone crockery, chrome finishing cutlery, blue agate table number and wild flower decorative vase are chic item included in tablescapes list. Agate stone look fabulous with fresh flower and gold accent so mix it with gold polished votives and vases other centerpiece to get require results.

Terrarium enclose agate table number:


Agate stone are available in wide range of colors and patterns. Black, blue, Botswana, fire, moss, condor, Indonesian, Idaho are different types of agate. Most people assume that it too costly but actually not. It available in affordable priced and find at low prices if you buy it in raw shape. Terrarium enclose agate table number is opulent thought to adorn wedding table in unusual way.