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Personalize Champagne Tub Wedding for Wedding


For serving a beverage on wedding function it should be cold in summer. Champagne wine cooler easily in vintage and rustic tubs those are big in size. Colorful vine in ice-cube give chic impression. With luxury looks champagne glass and flowers vase beautiful surrounding can create you.  Metal and wood handles are arranged with each tub that helps in easy setting.

Enjoy with below images!

Galvanized Oval Shape Tub:


This one industrial pale add simple chic beauty to your wedding gathering. Cold the drinks in ice-cube with pink flower that looks lovely. Wood handle zinc coated tub used to holding large quantity of drinks. For an outdoor wedding party it will be perfect. Close to flower vase and over white table cloth champagne tub grab people attention.

Beautiful Bar Set-Up:


For outclass wedding luxury bar set-up arrange that can impress the coming guest. Here a Variety of great ideas mix in this formal beverage station. Brass bowl is used for cold the drinks and green color champagne class are display back of it. Stainless steel vintage flower vase give optimal drinks display. Sweet fragrances of flowers will touché the every one heart.

Shabby Chic Wedding Bar Tub:


You should forget about champagne bucket and just enjoy ceramic big size bar tub. I hope you love the idea of tub nearby stocked full of water bubble and colorful wine bottles. Charm beauty adds in your outdoor wedding function when you keep a big size champagne tub. Assemble and assorted champagne glass on decorated table that guest can enjoy the vine.

Transparent Glass Bowl:


Indoor wedding decoration appeals everything in clean and clear look.  With cream cake you want to serve vine and easily decorate it on cake table. Just pick up the glass bowl fill it with ice-cube and display vine bottle. Pair of Champion glass with touch of strawberry fruit appears lovely. Quality glass bowls quickly cold the drink in summer days.

Personalize Wedding Gift:


Silver and steel beverage tub is a great gift for wedding party. Vine tub light weight and easy to carry with round handle make it precious for any wedding. Due to large size you can cold different taste of vine that can enjoy guest. Bride and groom name initially goes on the left side with white paint.

Keep Vine Cold For Rustic Wedding:


Above image define May be fun idea for rustic outdoor wedding to keep vine cold in carriage. Numbers of bottles deeply dip in ice in hot weather when you also have conducted a wedding function. You can change the spot and position of bar station any time easily. Serve with decorate glass and other that you like. Budgeted idea for a rustic wedding I hope you will enjoy.

Ceramic White Tub:


Small beverage station also best suited for an indoor wedding. Ceramic white color big size bowl is enough for cold five to six drinks bottles. Black color vine bottles and in ice cube give interesting display. You can serve easily to guest in unique shape glass. Simple but it will be great idea that safe your budget instead of metal tub.
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