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Romantic Head Table Ideas for Wedding


Head table or sweetheart table are darling corner of the wedding reception reserved for the newlywed couple. Head table are the best point for the couple, they love most, where they can relax and enjoy each other company very well. This table also set as a reception table where they come to taste their wedding meal.

Beautifully decorative wedding sweetheart tables just set for two. It gives a chance to the couple sit apart in crowded areas and looks around to see your friends and loves one. Wedding head table must be romantic and beautiful just like the couple recently getting down the aisle.

There are limitless ideas of decorating the head table yet you have to know the main thing behind the table decoration such as where to set the sweetheart table , is it comfortable or not, Sweetheart table must be attractive which catches the eyes and What details added to adorn the wedding head table. Here we bring breathtaking ideas of wedding couple table allow you to feel special on your-big-day.

Pink wedding sweetheart table:


Oh that the table I’m searching for you. It captivating sweetheart table must catch the eyes. Lots of flower, sequins, crystal candelabra, and metallic mirror arch are dramatically exquisite to furnish this breathtaking indoor wedding head table for bride and groom. Pink hydrangea clusters, garden roses, peonies and airy plants intricacy apply to adorn table runner which place at the edge of rectangular table already covered with black sequin table skirt.  Arch head also allure with fresh flowers which golden and crystal candelabra place behind the arch to create royal inspired head table.

Royal-graced couple wedding table:


Wow! It splendid wedding head table adorn for the royal couple. It luxurious indoor wedding venue that way the most visible corner is selected for the sweetheart table.  Look at the background that inspired from the mughal life-style. Semi-circular table   and button tufted chair are selected for this arrangement. White orchid, gladiolus and rose flower used for table decoration’ vintage style chandelier also dangle down beside the head table which also fascinated with white fresh flower. Larger candelabra put along the table to create cozy vibe. Cubby candles and French lace table skirt also unify with the wedding theme.

Barn wedding head-table:


Its jaw-dropping barn wedding sweetheart table become the statement essential other the rustic wedding. Classical details are ingeniousally mix with warmth tone to create love packed head table for bride and groom.  Larger window is selected to set rectangular table and armless dining chairs to get visible background. Burgundy and red flower bouquets and green garland arranged in cascade style. Wine color table covers highlight this stunning flower arrangement. Golden candle stick holder and illuminated & are also decorative compliment of this head table.

Ivory and pink sweetheart table:


This circular table is especially decorated for the wedding couple as can sit here for resting and eating purpose. Ivory and pink flower embellished cascading garland aesthetically arranged to decorate table along with flower decorative flower vase. It feels flower run down from the flower case, rose flower petals also scattered around the table. Flower arrangement and sweet around create romantic spa. It’s jaw-dropping wedding head table for pink and ivory theme weddings.

Darling wedding head table:


Its playful wedding sweetheart table touches hearts. Darling hues, sparkly crystals, Chrome finishing vases, vintage candelabra and blossom decorative arch are the statement material beautifully exquisite to add opulence.  Ivory table skirt matched with the flower used to adorn alter while table top is crowded with pink and coral peonies.

Boho-chic sweetheart table:


Look this boho-chic wedding head table wonderfully fascinated with unique details. I’m bit confused about where to start. Each and every thing brilliantly set as it feel it absence spoil the entire charm either its lantern decorated arch or flower decorative table. Round wood table and peacock back Moroccan chair are perfect furniture to set sweetheart reception table. Flower decorative vases and candle votives ingeniousally set over the white crocket and tassel embellished table cloth.

Rustic inspired wedding head-table:


This rustic-chic wedding head table is impeccable addition in this countryside wedding. Ivory swags, vine wrappings and illuminating chandelier opulently adorn wedding alter specified for the couple.  Round table and rattan woven chair set under the chandelier dandle down along the arch. Burlap skirt and white table cover delicately covered the table while flower decorative vase grace-up the table amazingly. Scatter ivory petals for more elegance.

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