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Which Style Bridal Robe Are Perfect Ideas


What is robe? Robe is loose fitting outer wear like capes or cloaks usually have sleeve. Bridal wants to wear robe after wedding day. Silk satin and lace robe in midi and floor length are available. Flower lace, plain and floral print robe give gorgeous beauty to bridal. She can easily attire with heel shoes. Different styles choose in long sleeve of robe that is perfect. Lace robe give sexy appearance to bridal in which body figure Cleary appear.

Let’s go and see more images with their best detail.

Lace Border Bridal Robe:

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Elegant look white bridal robe is perfect choice for brie who wants to make wedding day memorable. Bride robe features back embroidery with blush thread color. Sheet lace frame the robe with cute ribbon trim to finished. Thick belt embossed on waist for fitting. Ball sleeve and scalloped lace non-crush fabric robe give charm glance to bridal.

Ivory Romantic Scalloped Robe:

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In above image romantic ivory color scalloped robe dress up the bridal. With kimono sleeve, embroidery work detail and blouson shape add a chic touch. Polyester lace with bow tie robe gives you deep v-neck features. Bee net features are found in lace that tailored with sleeve end and length of robe.

Powder Blue Corded Lace Bridal Robe:

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Sail satin fabric powder blue robe trim with pretty corded lace. Soft satin robe contras with white lace that spark in day light. Thin belt get in bow style on rib cage. Long nude legs of bridal create romantic scene that can impress the others. Bridal feels comfort in silk robe on her wedding long day. No need of other accessory in bridal robe just wears it with heel shoes.

Botanic Garden Robe:

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Hay dear! I found this really awesome botanic garden bridal robe for you. You can attire and make your wedding happy and memorable. Long ball sleeve, dreamy hue get with this sweet and perfect look robe. Pretty flower print robe you can attire with removal of belt. Rayon fabric bridal robe is hand wash and can wear after the wedding day.

Nylon Shimmer Lace Bridal Robe:

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Delicate floral print robe is super idea to wear after wedding. Super soft crepe robe give you midi length. Nylon shimmer lace trimming with long sleeve ends. Loose fit robe can hide the body figure that you can shape with the help of waist belt in bow style. You can enjoy easy turn and long time live relax in comfortable robe. Affordable robe color scheme is also great.

Silk Satin Bridal Robe:

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Silk satin bridal robe give shimmering expression in day light. Bridal can offer her bridesmaid to wear robe in same style but different in color. Plunging neckline and long sleeve robe give you personalize look that easily can make. Same color belt embossed on waist of loose fit robe. In above image you can see that bridal wear white while bridesmaids are in light brown.

Queen Beauty Lace Robe:

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If you like long length in robe then tries this one lace robe. Flute sleeve and floor length of robe is due to flower lace addition. In ivory open style robe cream color satin thick belt also wear. Long nude leg of bridal appears with open style robe. Sexy beauty of bridal make over her hair in side bang style when wear long kimono.

Cotton Lace Sleeve White Robe:

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Cotton fabric perfect for hide the body figure and keep relax. Long sleeve of bridal robe give interesting features that are stitch with lace fabric. Plain fabric belt embossed to cover up the open robe. Baby breath flower crown on black hair give stunning look to bridal. Cool idea for summer days when bridal wants to live fresh.


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