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Back Drop Necklace- Dramatic Wedding Jewelry Trend


Breathtaking, stylish and feminine all these words come in mind when we talk about the wedding jewelry. Bridal back jewelry is hottest trend of this year delicately glow bridal beauty. These statement necklace are in countless styles allow you to adorn backs. It’s stunning solution for the bride going to wear backless gowns. Backdrop necklace is dreamy jewelry looks so romantic with lace vintage or bohemian inspired gowns. These necklaces are varying in simple to sophisticated style. Pendent, statement back necklace, multi-layered back necklace, lariat style backdrop and front and back style necklaces are amazing designs for backdrop necklace.

Multi-layered pearls backdrop necklace:


This lovely Multi strand back drop necklace ingeniously created by using multi sizes faux fresh pearls and Swarovski crystal. It conveys breathtaking finishing to accent open backs splendidly. Pearls crafted statement back drop necklace is elegant choice for the bride who is going to dress-up backless or open back wedding gowns. In this way the cover their nude back accurately without applying any stuff. Veronica and Vivienne are dramatic backdrop necklaces captivatingly embellished with pearls and rhinestone decorated brooches. These necklaces permit vintage look to the bride on her big day.

Sparkly rhinestone backdrop lariat:


This exclusive backdrop lariat necklace designs with sterling silver to permit elegant appearance. It opulent and heart touching wedding jewelry highlight the wedding gown. You can add bling effects to accentuate the open back. If you see it from front it just look like a simple chocker necklace fitted to the neck and graced up with tea drop crystal pendent but actually its back drop necklace.  Its almost17inches longer in length festooned with tiny crystal and tear shaped solitary crystal end.

Zircon and crystal back drop necklace:


White gold and cubic zircon is jaw-dropping wedding necklace for bold bride. It provides novelistic look directly touches to hearts. Pear shaped zircon stones fantastically embedded in rose gold crafted frame. NYC handmade backdrop necklace are available in adjustable lengths. Tear drop crystal surrounded with rhinestone reveal bold accent. Chain links at the end on necklace allow you to fix pendants ends with dress which play greatly prevent flipping of the pendant. It also seems like a chocker chain necklace pop in gleaming tones through tiny tear-drop shaped locket.

Crystal back drop necklace:


This luxurious wedding necklace richly customized by trendy bride. Rhodium or rose gold (optional) finishing draw attention. Zircon and Swarovski pearls crafted necklace looks so attractive. It’s glamorous inspired back drop give statement look from front and back.  Someone assume it as simple jewelry set but it surprise them when to turn back.  Sparkly crystal embellished necklace is fabulous choice if you dress-up sparkles wedding gown or desired to unify necklace with waist belt.

Vintage inspired back drop necklace:


This insanely romantic bridal necklace is perfectly matches with modern bridal trend. Back drop necklace become statement ornament especially for the bride buy backless wedding gowns. Classical and modern details ingeniously mix to design this captivating necklace, Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls apply to create dramatic wedding jewelry. This wow-worthy necklace indulges glamour to grace bridal overall look.
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