Wedding Jewelry

Fresh Flower Necklace Becomse Dream of every Bride


Here we bring inevitable ideas of fresh flower necklace ideas that really provide effortless charm to a bride without spending too much money. Real flowers has own grace, it permit eco-friendly and colorful accent to complete a bride statement look.

Miniature roses and ranunculus flower necklace:


Miniature roses, wax bud, plum ranunculus, hellebore, viburnum berries and asparagus fern are delicately arranged to shape romantic and eye-catching fresh flower necklace perfectly unify with bridal bouquet. This fresh flower bouquet is awesome jewelry fir hippie and bohemian inspired weddings.  Burgundy and plum flower ad eco-friendly vibe to complete the vintage inspired bridal look.

Lovely spring flower necklace:


This one is enthralling wearable fresh flower necklace which totally change the bridal look. It soft and refreshing accent provide cheerful glance to a bride.  Bride and bridesmaid carry flower in different ways such as bouquets, corsage, armlet, foot lets, crown and waist belt. Fresh flower necklaces are unusual and unexpected alternative of flower bouquets. Gypsophila, roses, ranunculus, daisy and succulent flower are used to make lovely necklaces for trendy bride.  It brings hipster charm and sophistication.

Fresh Lush green and white statement necklace:


Fresh flower necklace is adorable and statement alternation of precious jewel and crystal jewelry. It’s elegant piece for economical weddings.  There is no substitute of the nature. Nature is best friend of human.  Real flower necklace is whimsical ornament.  White and lushy statement necklace is flawless piece for boho and vintage wedding in spring season.

Colorful necklace with fresh flower:


Bright and zingy color fresh flower necklace is magnificent jewelry for neon theme wedding, fresh flower jewelry becomes the hottest trend of 2016 wedding which gains popularity to its unique looks.  Flower is the best decorative compliments.  Here hippie and Hawaii inspired fresh flower necklace is wear to grace white traditional wedding dress. It fun creating and lively ideas to get inviting charm. Billy ball, dills, and purple flower are impressively consumed in to design this opulent necklace.

Real Gypsophila flower necklace:


Gypsophila flower is also known as baby breath flower ideas for all type of wedding,  white Gypsophila are wonderfully  used to make cubby color necklace for winter of spring wedding. By wearing this lovely necklace the bride draw attentions of the people invited in wedding.

Pink peonies necklace:


Pastel pink peonies and red ranunculus is prominent flower in this cubby fresh flower necklace.  It feels like all spring   flowers used to make this garland. It perfect jewelry for spring and summer wedding.  Mostly bride pick fresh flower necklace for garden theme or rustic wedding. Pink and red hues add a feel of romance and love white green flower bring lushy accent for visible styling.

Red ranunculus necklace for vintage wedding:


Wearable fresh flower necklace also has matching earring.   You can get godest and gypsy style by matching flower jeweler with simple wedding dresses. Here red ranunculus and feather  necklace is used to adorn bride  with unique and  interesting style,  purple, burgundy, plum and baby blue are visible hues seems in this necklace.

Spring flower necklace;


Look this gorgeous bohemian bride seems beautiful in ivory short dresses and real flower necklace. Fresh flower is lovely jewelry. I love the idea.  It best option for those do want to bring special feel in their wedding look.

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