Wedding Reception

Coffee bar Ideas for Wedding Reception


Coffee bar is perfect wedding solution for winter and fall wedding yet you can select it as special addition in spring weddings. Coffee is demanded by most of the guest in late night wedding so incorporate unique coffee bar to entertain your guest in best ways.  It’s easier to make a coffee bar the other drinking corners and also required low budget. Stylish and well decorated coffee bar adds special grace and impressive tone in wedding reception venue.

Just collect fancy coffee cubs, snakes, cookies, chocolates and other item to make your coffee bar. There is lot of opportunity while making a coffee bar. Either you are going to serve pre-made coffee or fresh coffee just ready at the spot. Along with coffee there must be some coffee fixins which increase coffee taste. Cream, sugar, almond, coffee stirs, chocolate, caramel sauce, cocoa powder cinnamon powder or sticks and sprinkle are the most common coffee fixin recommend while you plan to design wedding coffee bar.

Barn wedding coffee bar:


This one is vintage inspired indoor coffee table make barn wedding more special and unforgettable. It personalized wedding reception coffee bar serve hot and fresh coffee to you guest. It self serving coffee bar grabs attention with stylish monogram. Vintage furniture is used to design this enthralling wedding reception bar. Deposable and ceramic cup are set to serve coffee. Marshmallows, sugar cubes and other coffee item are put everywhere in rick amount. Traditional candle light chandelier hangs just over the coffee bar to indulge opulence.

Wine barrel coffee bar:


It self created coffee bar design set in open area. Grassy floor and tree in background is perfect location to set coffee bar.  Wine barrels and  wooden door panel is used o create bar table  white cardboard pieces  hang with the free standing square arch set just behind the barrel table.  Coffee cups are hanged with these boards while snakes, desserts and coffee fixins are amazingly set on the table. It easy crafted coffee bar provide quick access to each item presented here.

Rustic wedding coffee bar:


This one is another inspiration country side wedding reception coffee bar area ready to serve pre-made coffee in rustic coffee mugs. Ranunculus and hydrangea flower are amazingly arranged in glass vase to bring colorful accent. It’s simple and low budget wedding coffee bar surprised your guest. Two tiered coffee bar table is brilliantly arranges to provide comfortable reach to coffee and fresh doughnuts.

Vantage inspired tea bar:


Change bar coffee bar monogram with tea bar if you serve tea to you guest instead of coffee. Classical vintage dressing table is fantastically used to make tea bar station. Broken mirror removed for the table and lovely tea-bar monogram is hanging here for guest assistance. Flower vase, Mason jar, paper, tea bags are arranges in elegant way to get unique charm.

Pre-made coffee bar:


Simple wooden table is set near the tree stem to make a coffee bar to entertain guests. Two flask places along with coffee cub stand are nicely set over the table. Pre-made coffee is server in this wedding reception.  Including a coffee bar in wedding reception is fun making and enthralling ideas o make your wedding celebration unforgettable.

Retro-chic coffee bar:


Coffee bar is best solution to bind your guest for late night after ending wedding ceremony. It during coffee and pleasing seating allows spending good time with friends and family members. Coffee bar adds modern and inviting touch let you enjoy wedding dance over the night.  This coffee bar is splendidly design with retro and rustic mix.  White side board table is place as coffee bar reception table. Coffee machine and other essential are also set here to provide perfect coffee taste.

Vintage mix coffee bar:


Coffee bar is best alternative in cool area especially when you select outdoor location for wedding reception. Increase excitement with lovely coffee bar. Hot or cold coffee cab with delightful fixins doubles the excitement and joy. Rustic and vintage details are combining to design this coffee bar. Vintage frame mirror behind the coffee station bring statement glance while burlap table runner bring soft and inspirational charm.
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