Wedding Reception

Groom and Bride Flower Embellished Chairs for Wedding Reception


Bride and groom wedding chair are the center of attention in wedding reception. Flower embellished chairs can get thought provoking glam on their wedding. Both of chairs are placed together and bring enormous glam with highly embellished with flower knotted bow ribbon and comfy seats.  Couple chairs are looking amazing with in front of highly embellished table.

Here are  modern and unique samples of couple chairs that can add prominent charm in their wedding function.

Baby breathes flower décor couple chair idea:


Baby breathe flower with ribbon bow embellished bride and groom name plate chairs glimpse enormous glam on them. Brown colored wooden chairs can get prominence in their wedding reception. Whole white decoration on wooden chairs bring inviting charm on them. Highly embellished couple chairs are the center of attention in wedding.

Leaves garland with soft touch flower adoration chairs:


Golden wedding chairs with flower adoration bring eye-catching glam in wedding reception. Bride and groom chairs can be styled with golden painted wooden made chairs with top green leaves adoration with side soft touch flowers fastening. Both of chairs can differentiate with other reception chairs on the basis of flower adornment. White chair foamy seats can add luxurious charm in couple seating.

Knotted bouquet fastened bride and groom chairs:


Awesome flower bouquet with ribbon knotted bow decoration bring appealing glam in their highly embellished wedding reception. Couple chair are those chair can get prominence charm in their wedding function. Highly embellished crystal chandelier underneath glass flowery center piece can take placed in front of the couple decorative chairs.

Leaves one side garland with ivory flower ornate chairs:


Summer touch green leaf and ivory rose flower decorative chairs can glimpse tremendous glam on their modern wedding function. White themed wedding reception can glow with flower embellishment. On couple chairs back green leaves garland with two ivory rose embellishments. Chairs edge is also decorated with edge knotted ribbons and matching seated cushion on the chairs.

Pony flower bouquet with leaves garland décor chairs:


White and coral pony flower bouquet on three stepping bride and groom chairs. Rustic look couple chairs are ornate with leave garland around the chair and pony flower bouquet at the back of the chairs.  These chairs are special designed for couple because bride and groom those people who’s can organized the wedding function. So, unique decoration make impressive for couple appearance.

Carnation flower chair embellishment idea:


Its amazing look bride and groom chair decorate with flowers and leaves embellishment. One side of the leaves layers and top of the chairs is also adding brightening charm with pink carnation flowers. Bamboo stick made wooden chairs are looking elegant with flower embellishment.  Cushion seated chairs can get comfy glam on sitting and bring soothing effect with flower decoration.

Outdoor wedding couple chair décor:


Cute gold metallic royal wedding chairs for bride and groom bring eye-pleasing charm in their wedding function. White and pink flower on the center of the green leaves bring interesting charm on couple chairs. Green leaves layers can add fresh glam on their chairs with flowery center idea. In front of these chairs a table is settled with flowery center piece.

Couple flowery chairs for royal wedding idea:


Bride and groom chair decoration is an art of creativity. Both of them sit on chair in their wedding reception. Couple chairs are highly embellished with flower adornment. On chair back green leaf and soft colored flower are fastened on it. Metallic framed wooden pallets made fancy cahirs are looking fabulous with their flower decoration on back side of the chairs. Bride and groom both of them can sit on these chairs and get prominence charm in their wedding function.


Bride and groom chairs decoration with flowers can get interesting charm in their modern wedding reception.