Wedding Reception

Interesting Ways to Light-Up Colorful Wedding Receptions


Turning up wedding reception in magical land in interesting idea to makes you day celebration unforgettable. Centerpieces, candle lights, arches and cake table assume the staple wedding ornament yet lighting is the fundamental concept has power to change the game. Entire wedding decoration based over the wedding lighting moods. Indoor wedding decoration demands something more than string or candle lights. Interior designer add playful lighting effects (pin spot, gobo, wash and Led) along other decoration to create special surrounding according to the wedding theme. Here we bring the most beautiful way of lighting wedding venue that potentially transform in love filled magical land.

Pin spot wedding lights:


Pin spot lighting is one is the most appealing way of lighten-up wedding in artsy way. These lighting also assume budgeted light option as it need less techniques the other lights. Pin spot a focusing a beam of light directly on the table centerpieces, cake table and dance floor.  It elegant ideas to lighten up the statement objects. You can use this lighting effect when bride and groom walk down the aisle.

Color washed:


Color washed is opulent lighting technique in which color effects fabulously given by the color stuffs and light techniques. This wedding lighting effect used for colorful theme wedding. Entire wedding venue takes romantic spa in colorful light. Generally wash light referred as fill of light. Just watch these photos to understand the mood of light.

Gobs lighting:


Gobo is darker partial screen used in front of the spotlight form a lovely shapes of your own choice. These light richly consume in disco and event decorations. There is no alternative of this light as it create lovely stencils on randomly move in wedding venue. You can fall these light patterns to adorn walls, floor and ceiling. Most couple prefers this lighting mode to interests wedding date or motif related to the theme. Such as snow flock, bubbles, flower and

LED lights:


LED lights are not just for home and commercial building decoration. You can bring a twist by incorporating these heart touching lights. LED (light emitting diode) give novelty effects to statement thing of wedding you can lit up wall, ceiling of furniture with these lights. It’s budgeted source in relation to electric lights.

awesome-beautiful-lighting-colors-for-wedding-2 awesome-beautiful-lighting-colors-for-wedding-4 awesome-beautiful-lighting-colors-for-wedding-5



All these lights are fun making compliment make your wedding day special and unforgettable. These lights individually work best yet you can combine different lights according to the wedding theme requirement such as gobo and wash light make dreamy surrounding as every  captures in its spell.