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Ways to Plan Food Truck Wedding Reception

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Every one invests enough budgets to plan perfect wedding to make their day very special. Everything must be perfect from wedding aisle to food corner is common desire. Guest take greater interest in wedding decoration but the thing which inspire them most is food.

What you are going to serve is another matter first think about the way of presenting food. Food truck is stunning thought for those couple want to create retro-chic hipster factor. It’s not just a trend now it becomes a fashion.

Couple shows excitement in bringing food truck in wedding venue that will surprise their guest.  Are you serious to plan food truck for your wedding join us to get details information about food truck helpful in planning.

Why you need a food truck in wedding:

Modern generation is crazier for fast food. They enjoy street food a lot. Food truck will helps you to provide best food to entertain your guest. Taco truck or hot dog truck are trending option for memorable, festive and quirky weddings.

Everyone remember the day for longer time in which you got down the aisle.  Food truck brings in versatility and wow factor to draw guest attention. Everyone enjoy fast food make you comfortable in choosing favorite food items. You can plan budget–friendly to heavy-budgeted food truck depending over your pocket capacity.  Food truck is amazing source of adding fun.

People invited in wedding enjoy wedding with more excitement.  You can plan food truck to offer delicious and tasty foods in lunch time as well late night meals.  Food truck makes you free from addition cost of catering.

Top tip for food wedding truck planning:

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What was the season should be:

What the season of your wedding hugely effects food truck planning. Summer wedding need something cool and yummy while hot and spicy works best in cold times. Summer season can’t consider for summer wedding as climate is too hot but you can try it in overnight wedding with ice-pops, snow cones, slushies and other cool items. Season consideration also necessary to choose best food truck according to wedding venue, outdoor backyard, countryside and tent wedding are superb deal to enjoy taco truck.

Is food truck affordable?

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Does some math work first, hopeful that you are good math student in school time, while planning food truck wedding. Count estimated cost and then compares it with total budget you fixed for food. Is your cost meets with budget or not?

It will explain either you are in position to bring food truck or not. How estimated cost be calculated is important question. Counts the number or guest and ask the cost of each food item you selected in menu. Now multiply quantity with cost and then with number of guest. In general perception it estimate that more the 170 guest invited in wedding

which  require almost two or more food truck at the same time fill with enough food to entertain.  If you have strong desire to have a food truck than choose item that comes within budget.

How much the food is?

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Say no-brainer on food supply. Everyone take food to finish their appetites.  Make sure food truck supply enough food. Also check either someone is here in the list who is vegetarian or has allergic form such items you added in menu. Think about them because guest are you responsibility. Add other item for such guest it will show special feel of honor.

Where the food truck is would stand:

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While selecting space for food truck get information either they allow to park truck or not. There are some areas in city venue which bane food truck standing. After that now choose the corner in wedding venue where truck can park easily and guest get reach to truck without any inefficiency. Open space needed for food truck. Arrange more space if you have more than one food truck.

What the food menu:

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Choose best menu for food truck to provide tasty reception meal. Food menu is also base on wedding theme, season and guest interest.  Pizza and ice-cream liked by everyone.  Hotdog, fish dog, burger and other food are good deals.  You can add sea food item for beach wedding celebration. Dessert, drink, coffee and pie are other item must enjoy by guest.

Choose item that can easily eat in stand-friendly environment. It you want more talk with truck vender to bring something special along with truck such as salad dessert table etc.

What’s dining plan:

Dinning has too much importance in food truck wedding. Generally there are two options for dinning. One arranges formal table reception table give comfortable sitting to guest. Guest collects their food dish and sits here for easy meal. Second option is more applicable in food truck wedding that you encourage guest to stand while eating.

How the trucks look-like:

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Food-truck is the basic inspiration of wedding. Along with all considerations and planning you have to think about shape, size, color and decoration of food truck to attracts guest. Truck venders offer different style of food truck. Hire your favorite according to wedding theme.  Bring in specialty by offer a gift on a package. It may a bow for gentleman and beauty product for ladies. Choice is yours.

Hire additional services:

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Think about addition services if you want high standard serving. Hire wait stuff to impress your guest. It will release good impression over guest and show you wedding stander as well.
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